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From Start to Finish
About Our Company

Welcome to Capco Group

We are a multi-sectoral Business Empire with tentacles across the entire business landscape of Nigeria, creating wealth and value in every sector of the economy.

A conglomerate with over 200 subsidiaries, engaged in various business activities ranging from; Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Agriculture, Information Technology Management, Building and Construction, Engineering, Logistic Services, Human Capital Development, Asset Management, Banking, Dredging, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Fashion and Lifestyle, Print Media, Renewable Energy, Property Valuation and many more

Our Unique Businesses

Agricultural Investment
The Capco Group aims to accelerate agricultural production in Africa, meeting the needs of nearly 10 billion people before 2050.
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Banking And Finance
With Safegate Microfinance Bank, we are building a power house with client base that cuts across all socio-economic classes.
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Infrastructure and General Construction
We are determined to become a major player in the extraction, refining, transportation, and marketing of petroleum products globally.
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Information Technology
Through Oxford Octopus, we have increased operational efficiency, staff satisfaction and collaboaration using modern technology...
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Asset Management
We have developed a systematic approach to the realization of value from the things that a group or entity is responsible for which may be tangible assets and intangible assets..
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We are determined to bridge the gap that comes with the complexities of distributing products from suppliers to consumers...
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We Help You Build On Your Past And Prepare For The Future.

We are highly committed to your growth, offering you security, while giving you high returns on investment.

Our mission drives us to do everything possible to expand human potentials. We create opportunities through products and services that solve human and community needs, making a positive impact in Nigeria and Africa at large.